Practical Survivor

Practical Survivor has been a customer for a long time, and came to me looking for several things. In the end I have provided logo design, site design, t-shirt designs and photography used on the site.


For Practical Survivor's site, I designed all of the graphical elements as well as the Drupal theme for the site.


The logo was designed around the name of the site and the type of content, wilderness survival, being presented. The wolverine paw also holds a special meaning for the site's owner.

Survival Pillars

T-shirt design done based on the slogan of the site.
Practice is not mandatory, neither is survival...



Motion1 is a Salesforce1 interface for mac. I designed the logo for this project and provided several formats for both web and desktop use.



ngForce is a set fo Angluar.js modules for development. I designed their logo and provided several different formats for web use.

Signal Fest

Signal is an annual music festival held in Chapel Hill, NC. For one of their parties, they requested a flyer for a "classic rave." This produced a flyer in both portriat and landscape orientation, in both full color (for online distribution) and black and white (for printing and manual distribution).

Triangle Beats

Triangle Beats is a online community for EDM in the Triangle area. I designed their logo as well as modified their existing Drupal theme to match the color scheme of the logo

Goldsboro Dance Studio

Goldsboro Dance Studio is a small dance studio located in Goldsboro, NC. The initial design of the site included contact information, a gallery page for photos and videos and a calendar

Since the launch of the site, I have added the class schedule, attire and documents. These are all managed via a custom admin console.

Virtual Support Services

Virutal Support Services Internal came to me with a problem. They had paid someone to design there site, and they did a bad job

I took their existing code, fixed it, and changed their video player from using a .wmv file over to using flowplayer